Engineered Seal Solutions

You might ask, “What is the purpose of engineered seals? Is there really a difference between engineered and catalogue seals?” The answer is they make a huge difference in the performance of the equipment they’re used in. For instance, we regularly provide temperature and pressure solutions with engineered seals which can expand the capabilities of your equipment.

We Provide Engineered Solutions


Decrease Downtime

Mechanical seals are the component that has the most wear and tear of any piece of rotating equipment. Because of this, the seals are also the part that is changed out the most often for these machines. 70% of all downtime on pumps comes from a problem with the seals in that pump. Roplan’s experienced engineers analyze your process to create an engineered seal solution ensuring less repairs and less downtime.



Roplan’s experience, high standards and engineered solutions for optimal performance provide reliability in your machinery. You won’t be replacing worn out seal parts as often, and you won’t have them break unexpectedly causing downtime. You can rely on Roplan engineered seals.


Optimal Performance

Our engineered seals are designed for your specific application to achieve optimal performance. Roplan engineered seals result in less maintenance, less downtime and last longer.



Roplan engineers aren’t just designing solutions to problems, they’re designing for efficiency, manufacturing costs, and superior performance. Your equipment is optimized by our engineered  seals.


Common Seal Problems We Create Custom Solutions to Correct

  • Leakage
  • Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Frequent Repairs and Part Replacements
  • Increased Pressure Requirements
  • Temperature/Chemical Capability
  • Seal Resiliency 
  • Installation Issues
  • NSF Standards/Complying with Regulatory Requirements
  • Energy Usage