As highly experienced experts in mechanical shaft seal design, we develop unique seal solutions custom engineered to your needs to ensure that you and your customer get the most out of your equipment.


With 40 years of experience in the innovation, development and technical support of mechanical seals, we are the perfect partner for those with strong brands who want to be at the leading edge of innovation.


Roplan’s mechanical engineered seals are without comparison for quality, reliability, and efficiency. We stand behind every seal we make.


We pride ourselves on being fast and agile at providing cost effective solutions and exclusive opportunities to our customers to increase both their efficiency and their profits.

About Roplan

With over four decades of experience in the innovation and development of engineered mechanical seals. Roplan specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of sealing solutions for rotating machinery. Including fully custom or tailored designs and innovative product lines as well as standard OEM replacement seals.

Roplan’s modern business model offers mechanical seal solutions to virtually any situation or application. As global mechanical shaft sealing experts, we apply our methods and experience to create seals for high-performance pumps, mixers, agitators and compressors in a vast number of industries.

Roplan Pre-Engineered Products

Roplan designs seals from the ground-up to meet and exceed the specific needs of our customers. Roplan’s products have been designed for optimum performance and cleanability while also being simpler, more robust and customizable.




The Roplan Advantage


We conduct our business in an ethical way with great consideration for our customers, suppliers, employees, and the environment.

We’ve earned the trust of the top seven pump companies in the world for over 35 years. Our relationships with equipment manufacturers last many years and are built on a foundation of trust in the quality and commitment we display.

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Commitment To Our Customers

Our commitment to our customers permeates all that we do. We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and understand the challenges that they are trying to solve. We pride ourselves at providing all of our industry knowledge and experience from up-front problem solving of equipment design limitations and end user warranty issues, to back-end technical support to ensure success of equipment testing, installation and performance. We do more than just talk, we demonstrate our ability to provide fast and effective seal solutions in every interaction that we perform.
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We take our environmental work very seriously and continuously assess our operation in accordance with the current local standards. Like our customers, we place the same demands on our suppliers to meet environmental legislation and to work actively in this area.

We recycle raw materials and work actively to reduce unnecessary consumption of all resources used in conducting our daily business. We ensure that all the seals that we design are created to be as energy efficient as possible, ensuring optimum equipment performance at the lowest energy consumption rates possible.

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